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A more apt and accurate term for the BBC 'talent' show Fame Academy.

The soulless Patrick Kielty adds little of merit to the proceedings.

An unfortunate blip in the career of Cat Deeley.
"Oh no, it's Lame Academy (again). Let's hope that Cat Deeley is wearing a skimpy top tonight - it's not worth watching otherwise."
by edrch March 12, 2005
Euphemism for the male member, usually uttered by prematurely balding and overweight men.
"She said she would only go along if I got my little lad out again."
by edrch March 12, 2005
The sudden and uncontrollable appearance of a turd at the entrance of the anus, much like a turtle's head. An un-PC expression with an impressive impact.
"Someone help me get these braces off - I've got Sanjay's Nose."
by edrch March 12, 2005
A favoured playground act of torture/violence, where bullies throw small stones at smaller children, usually aimed at soft parts of the body, especially the back, thighs and buttocks. Hugely painful if a handful of stones are thrown in a 'scattergun' fashion.

The usual response is one where the victim hops or runs off in abject agony. Very nasty.
"Aaah, not my arse! Bee stings! *wail*"
by edrch March 12, 2005
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