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A slang term for frozen meat defrosting in a pool of water in a Tupperware container in the back room of a "D" list restaurant. This term was coined by chef Pinto of Cafe 36 on an episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.
Gordon Ramsay: "What the hell is this?"

Chef Pinto: "We keep it fresh frozen, chef"

Gordon Ramsay: "I can't believe this. It's either Fresh or Frozen, there's not such thing as Fresh Frozen!"
#gordon ramsay #kitchen nightmares #chef pinto #wack cooks #cafe 36
by edniece April 14, 2010
Someone who acquires a lot of books claiming they will read them when in fact, the books just sit on the top shelf of their dirty closet collecting dust.
CE is such a pseudoreaderbrarian.
#reader #library #pesudoreaderrarian #fake #non-reader
by edniece April 13, 2010
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