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61 definitions by edna sweetlove

What Americans call a public toilet even though you cannot have a nice lie down in it (unless you are a very dirty person).
Don't even think you can have a rest in the restroom; it's for shitting and pissing in. And it pongs too badly.
by Edna Sweetlove October 01, 2006
174 29
What Americans call a toilet, even if it has no bath in it.
John went and shat in the bathroom as he could not find a toilet in America.
by Edna Sweetlove October 01, 2006
254 125
(a) the arsehole
(b) the shithouse
He went to the shitter to drop his load

He got fucked up his shitter
by Edna Sweetlove November 05, 2006
102 45
(noun) A public lavatory, so named because it looks like a little cottage in a park. Term used by cruising queens.

(verb) To cottage - to hang about in a cottage, looking for trade.


Cottage Queen
Cottage Fodder
Sebastian met this totally gross old queen down the cottage and they had a good wank together.

He loved to go cottaging - you never know who you'll meet of an evening.

The cottage was heaving by midnight and the floor was swimming in spunk.
by Edna Sweetlove October 01, 2006
55 9
A little bit of stale turd hanging onto your anal hairs.
"No one would rim him because he had a fartleberry or two"
by Edna Sweetlove September 25, 2006
62 24
To seek favour by sniffing the bumhole of a superior; hence "Brown-Noser".
"Blair brown-noses Bush like a good poodle, hoping to get a profitable lecture tour on retirement." (Prince Charles in a confidential memo to his secretary, 1998)
by Edna Sweetlove September 24, 2006
52 15
The pills ugly people take in order to ensure they stay ugly. This is satire
Condo Rice takes her ugly pills every day.
by Edna Sweetlove October 03, 2006
26 6