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in military a private or with a similarly subordinate rank who thinks they are in charge and barks orders usually at those with the same rank. orders in this context are typically given by drill sargeants.

the drill private independently assumes the authority of a drill sargeant and will begin to give orders to other privates which are usually wholly ignored.
shut the fuck up drill private!
whatever you say drill private.
by edmund dantes November 20, 2007
the real deal. the big time. the quintessential urban metropolis. new york city
going to the big city. going to new york
by edmund dantes November 20, 2007
That moment of desperate repression when someone has severely pissed you off but verbally skull-fucking them would end in divorce / joblessness / restraining order / social services intervention.
"Man, my mother-in-law turned up today and decided she was staying for Christmas. I had a total brain-nuke trying not to tell that bitch to fuck her tinsel and kick her ass out"
by Edmund Dantes November 15, 2013
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