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A person engaged in the struggle against goverment/corporate sponsored lies, using information as their weapon.
Micheal Moore, Mark Thomas, many of the contributers to Urban Dictionary: we're all infomista and mate, we will win eventually!
by edjog October 15, 2005
Used to denote the fallaciousness of any statement/idea.

Orig. Old English, where the 'cods' referred to the cock and balls, thus codswallop was jiz, spunk, cum, semen.
Person 1. "War is a necessary evil."
Person 2. "Codswallop! You fucking idiot, have you ever actually read a book?"
by edjog November 04, 2005
a sudden but unnoticed exit.
orig. Harp Lager TV ads.
"My missus came in the pub the other night, when i'd said i was working late... a cool sharp one, mate!"
by edjog October 08, 2005
1. A person who performs fellatio.

2. An insult which defines the insulter as a person with a very negative attitude toward sexual behaviour, esp. american.
1. (S)He licked and sucked the guy's cock until he nearly fainted with pleasure.

2. He was raised in the bible belt, having the far-righteous christian belief that any sexual act other than the missionary position is not only his business, but wrong, and so, when confronted by a person he didn't like, called them a cocksucker.
by edjog October 07, 2005

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