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(1) "Chasing the dragon" is a method of smoking opium (opium is often referred to as a dragon in asian cultures). The opium is heated on some kind of metal and a fine line of smoke evolves from the heated drug. This smoke is now to be "chased" (meaning breathed in), often through a small tube, like a straw.
(2) Also used to describe a similar method of smoking other drugs (heroine, crack, etc)
In many cultures it is common to chase the dragon every day.
by ederstone May 24, 2004
(1) A stoner, someone who smokes marihuana or hashish
(2) Derives from the arabian word "Kif", which means, roughly translated, "sense of well-being"
(3) "Kif" also describes cannabis-containing smoking material
(4) Common term for Stoner in the german language
(1) I'm a kiffer

(3) The old moroccan man took out is pipe and filled it with Kif

(4) Ich bin ein Kiffer
by ederstone May 24, 2004

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