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When a person is traveling fairly fast on an interstate, and they realized 100 feet from the off ramp that they are in the HOV lane (Farthest to the left), they make a Georgia Right Hand Turn to get off the highway in time. Many times, the enacter of the Turn is in a large vehicle, and their tires cause smoke to rise and dust as they pass over the area of the road covered with white paint dividing the off ramp from the highway.
Wife: Why did that man in that big-assed 6 wheeled truck cross in front of us, nearly taking our bumper off?

Husband: That was a Georgia Right Hand Turn, sweetheart. He was try to get to that exit we just completely passed.
by edenmanon April 11, 2009
A man who equals a gold digging woman; a man who seeks self wealth through the usage of a well-to-do female.
A Gold Nigga is a man who pretends to be kind or generous, but only seeks out women in power or with personal wealth. Ex. Stedman and Oprah or Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character in the movie "Norbit"
by edenmanon January 14, 2009
Female masturbation
Roughing up the clam, Scrubbing the clam, roughing the diamond, playing with yourself, getting off, spending some private time
by edenmanon January 14, 2009

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