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Equavalent to the Tëlþuilgöç prefix m@o@lûmo-(round/curvy+attractively plump)
I like thick girls with huge butts and small waists.
by Eddy August 19, 2003
A game where you it make out in the least atractive way possible
"Carson practically devoured Shery's face, they were playing SUCK FACE"
by Eddy October 24, 2004
Something you accuse your enemies of. Senator McArthy was fond of accusing people of communism.
Don't vote for Joe Smith. He's a communist. This unjustified accusation is valid reason not to vote for him.
by Eddy December 23, 2003
Esperanto's overused equivalent to un-.
by Eddy September 05, 2003
Anyone who listens to heavy metal music and promotes anarchy to rebel, just like every other teenager.
Those borg are trying to assimulate people with poorly written heavy metal music.
by Eddy May 24, 2003
The mortal enemy of anarchists. They must fight it at all costs.
Oh great. The fascists are back. Anyone willing to take them on?
by Eddy December 23, 2003
A system that while it may work with some modification, is too unstable in today's greed obsessed world.
Communism failed because it banned business and religion. What idiot does that? Business and religion have always been the most powerful forces of society.
by Eddy August 19, 2003

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