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When having unprotected sex with a women, the male only pulls out after he already starts to cum in her. Leaving a 50/50 chance of pregnancy.
Chauncy: "Hey did you wear a condom before you violated that slam pig."

Chris: "No, I'm a risk taker. So I decided to give her a LaChance."
by eddiemush June 02, 2011
Durring intercoures (male or female), the male gives their partener a bukkeke and then immdiately punches their dog in the face.
Damon: "Dude, what happened to Lisa's dog?"

Chris: "IDK...Last I heard Lisa and Chauncey were making out making out and BAMM..Bubba went for a "Chauncey Dog Walk".
by eddiemush June 02, 2011
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