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Definition: The act of getting head, dome, BJ, ETC. while in a boat. The boat does not have to be moving but it is more prestigous if it is.
Ed joined the Captain's CLub last summer.
by ED March 26, 2005
blackjack the card game
Twenty-one is also called blackjack.
by Ed April 05, 2005
Slang. Drunk or intoxicated.
I was so muckled I blacked-out last night.
by Ed March 26, 2005
The new name for ATI's Catalyst video card drivers.
Will they ever improve their drivers are keep adding more useless features? New driver releases fix one issue and create five new ones.
by Ed February 27, 2005
1. Literally, indicative of a sparing application. Frugal.

2. In the U.S., commonly used by many members of the Republican Party to contrast themselves with liberal politicians, commonly of the Democratic Party.

3. Originally used by Republican Party (U.S.) members to mean conservative application of laws, or minimal government.

4. In modern times, used to indicate existing or past values as opposed to new values. In this sense, "conservative" refers to personal behavior rather than the use of laws. A synonym for this definition would be "unchanging."
Usage notes:

When using the word, it is important to note whether it is used to refer to a political theory/system or personal values/behavior.

In the case of number 3 above, both the Republican and Democratic parties hold conservative _political_ values (in that they want minimal government regulation), but about different subjects. For example, the Democratic Party typically believes in conservative (minimal) use of laws regarding drugs, sexual practices, and film/TV. The Republican Party does not follow conservative political theory in those matters, but does for issues of taxation, guns, and employment practices.

However, even though both parties hold conservative political values in some cases, neither maintains a consistant philosophy based on conservative application of government regulation. Both the Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S. use the word to refer to enforcing conservative _personal_values_ (such as those influenced by religious background or otherwise, see number 4 above), but with differing opinions as to whether or not it is a good thing.

The original political use for the word conservative, as in number 3 above, is more similar to the political adjective/noun libertarian in use today, which describes a philosophy of minimal government,
by ed July 25, 2004
1. a band that plays great music such as Vehicle

2. the 15th of march, Julius Caesar died on that day

3. one month before tax day
1. I'm your vehicle baby I'll take you anywhere you want to go I'm your vehicle woman by now I'm sure your know That I love you Need you I want to got to have you child great god in heaven you know I love you

2. Et tu, Brute!

3. have you paid your taxes yet, tax day isnt that far away, only one month
by Ed May 31, 2005
1) Most crapfully awesome dude from homestarrunner.com 2) Dude with e-mail 3)Going to check mah e-mail
by Ed June 09, 2003

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