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Also, gayzorians enjoy Microsoft products.
Gayzor! You must like M$!
by ed March 02, 2005
small reefer
i'm only rolling a jiffy
by Ed May 04, 2003
Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants etc would be considered upper-middle class
i am a doctor, i am upper-middle class
by ed June 17, 2006
1. The reason I'm pissed at the kids at my school cuz I told them about it and they don't give me recognition.
2. A very old cartoon character which has undergone digital surgery a few years ago.
Dude! I told you about that website 2 years ago.

Nah ah

Shut up bitch! *smack*
by ed April 22, 2005
a sfe person who has a strong character.
u goin skl 2morrow?
na man, allow it!
by Ed February 14, 2005
Feces that defy gravity and remain on your asshole when the majority falls into the bowel where it belongs. Not common, a cliffhanger will appear under the right circumstances (eating beans and watching Sylvester Stallone movies). Cliffhangers are similar to a stalactite in a cave.
Spotting a cliffhanger in the reflection of the toilet, I contract and expand my sphincter in an attempt to pinch it off. Once I realize those actions are futile, I take three sheets of tp, for 3x the protection, and un-mount the cliffhanger.
by Ed March 20, 2005
Krunk is word currently used by famous rappers such as lil' Jon, meaning crazy angry or in crediblr powerfull "Krunk" is a very versatile word that is gaining popularity and differing meaning.
Some dude cut me off in the freeway now im all krunk and shi*.
by Ed February 17, 2005

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