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Was in the new-time rap. Another word for ghetto.
I was raised in the MoGo "G".
by Ed December 29, 2004
something you say when you don't want to talk to someone
bob - "you're a fag"
bill - (talk to the hand"
by Ed September 01, 2003
when the power goes out.
New york experienced a massive black otu.
by Ed September 01, 2003
A political philosophy based on the belief that some or all businesses should be run solely for the benefit of the people using them.

Socialism and Communism are based on similar principles. Socialism does not require that a socialized industry be legally owned by the government, but if that were the case it could still be considered socialism. In the strictest sense, Communism prohibits private ownership of money, business, or goods, while Socialism may or may not on a case by case basis. The two can therefore resemble each other and it can be hard to distinguish one from the other.
In a Communist country, I worked in a deli owned by the government and was paid a fixed salary by the government.

In another country's socialized medical system, I am a doctor, own my office, and pay my own salary out of my business account, but legally have no right to decide how to run any aspect of my business. I can't change my prices, deny service to anyone, or increase my own salary.
by ed July 25, 2004
Male: The catch on a woman's bra
Female: Any gadget intended for a man.
Male: I can't undo this thingy, dammit!
Female: What's that thingy do?
by Ed October 11, 2003
the cool way of dressin and bein
me sam and nock are old school
by ed February 23, 2004
1. the ammount of medication you are supposed to take at one time

2. the misspelling of does
ex. 1
your dosage is one pill every 24 hours

ex. 2
how dose he do that
by Ed April 25, 2005

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