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The hairy part between your ball sack and ass hole.
Ben has a sweaty man gash!
I shaved my man gash....
I had my man gash pierced!
by Ed November 20, 2004
Cray hot homosexual, but can be strait when needed. His penis is 5 x 5 and remains mostly flacid.
OMG did you see ryan? Yea hes def a tomato. Sucks for him LOL!!
by ED April 08, 2005
Lower Class Environment; a term used to describe the "ghetto" when Mrs. W-G is around.
Holy shaith, it's W-G, let's go hang in the LCE.
by Ed February 24, 2005
The best handheld Gaming system. Ever.
Bow to teh awesome power of teh PSP!
by Ed April 05, 2005
Slang. Drunk or intoxicated.
Let's get pummled tonight.
by Ed March 26, 2005
The climax of a porn scene featuring a male wherein the camera focuses in on the male's junk, and he blows his spooge all over the place. Also known as a cum shot.
"Everybody take cover! Here comes the slop shot!"

"So what? We are across the room from those two rutting persons."

"Can you not see, fool? That man is none other than Peter North!"

/everybody screams and ducks behind tables\
by Ed March 03, 2004
A laminated porcelain surface often used for placing foods on before they are digested. The shape of the earth is similar to that of a plate.
I ate coleslaw from a plate. I was then sick on the plate and fed it to my dog.
by ed April 28, 2003
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