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2 definitions by ed,sarah,katy and joey

deficating explosivley all over not only one's toilet seat but the walls, floor, sink and or bathtub of an enemy's restroom. see 'germantown splatter shot' as well.
i just gave teddys apartment a mean splatter shot.
by ed,sarah,katy and joey August 04, 2008
as you may already know, the basic definition of a 'splatter shot' is when one deficates violently all over someones posessions in their bathroom (walls, shower curtains, ect.) the improved version of the manuever would be the prized germantown splatter shot, which is a splatter shot being performed on the doorstep, window or porch of someones property or even their car.
after coming home from Check's and drinking falls city beers for nearly 12 hours i gave my arch enemy's front porch a sweet stinky germantown splatter shot filled with corn and delight, it seaped through the cracks in the concrete steps and im sure a cornstalk was born.
by ed,sarah,katy and joey August 04, 2008