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1. Useless or excessive tweets that clutter up your Twitter feed.

2. A large amount of tweets on a single subject, over a period of time.

3. Useless tweets that provide no real benefit.
I've been getting twutter for 2 days about the royal wedding.

I'm so sick of seeing the same tweets 100 times, its nothing but twutter.

I had to unfollow her because all her tweets were nothing but twutter.
by econut May 10, 2011
Verb. The ability to redirect a conversation, thread, link, etc. to something Twilight related. Similar to rick roll.
OMG, the girls just twijacked our conversation about Washington State to talk about Forks.

He sent me a link that I thought was for work, but it was a pic of Jacob with his shirt off.

This tread jumped the shark when it was twijacked.
by econut November 12, 2013
tworgasm: (n) The over excited actions of people on Twitter when certain milestones are reached.
Tammy had a tworgasm when she reached 1000 followers.

I wish Jane would stop tweeting that she is almost to her 3000th tweet, she pre-mature tworgasmic.

John is having foreplay by tweeting that he needs 10 more followers to reach 2000. Waiting for the tworgasm next.
by econut June 01, 2011

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