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a fuckin leftist political party in Hong Kong with support from Chinese Communist Party
"DAB stands for Demorcacy According to Beijing. " Martin Lee said
by EC April 26, 2005
a vaginal air expulsion in an audible fashion, as often heard during sex
she queefed when i was eating her out, but i thanked her for the breath of fresh air
by EC August 07, 2003
One who randomly punches females in the private areas.
I am such a cunt puncher.
by EC February 04, 2005
Another form of lol, and more easily spoken than lol.
Loffle my waffle.
by EC June 14, 2004
Outdoor sex
theres wooki in them there hills
by EC May 18, 2003
Bisexual someonewho is sexually multi-talented.
Me and my girl are going over to johns tonight cos hes a switch hitter and were gonna do it all night
by EC May 18, 2003
1. A Bear that acts out of sorts.

2. A silly girl who's sole purpose in life is to act silly like a cute, silly bear.
1. Hey, look at that Bear over there being all stupid and eatig it's own poop.

2. Stop being such a silly bear, you!
by EC February 05, 2005

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