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The air you breathe inside a casino. Casino air is highly oxygenated and causes you to have high energy. The effects of alcohol and other substances is enhanced. You'll never get tired of living on casino air.
E: Yo Dio, I'll be down at 11PM Friday night.
Dio: Aight... bring some Ciroc & red bull.
E: No need for the red bull. Once I get a hit of the casino air, I'll be good to go.
by ebro July 15, 2005
Exactly: Ends a What conversation.
Goes hand in hand w/ What?

Jeff: "Hey Mike...want to help me move on saturday?"

Mike: "What?"

Jeff: "What?"

Mike: "Exactly?"
by EBro June 03, 2005
A bar in the yunk that is filled w/ hundreds of types of beers. Mostly delicious belgian beers.
E: Wanna hit up the Flatrock & get crunked?
B: No doubt...Holla boi!!!
by Ebro June 21, 2005
Describes wings & other things that taste delicious. The word was derived from eating at a joint in Conshohocken/Norristown called FWOT (Fingers, wings, & other things). The chicken fingers are big, juicy, & delectable. The wings are very solid. I like the hot & blu dipping combo w/ them.
E: Wanna hit fwot for lunch?
Z: No doubt!
E: Iam gonna hook up the value menu #5
Z: Same here...I stay away from the "other things". I had the chili once & it was st8t grease.
E: Werd...but the wings & fingers are fwotliscious.
by Ebro June 22, 2005
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