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9 definitions by ebony luvr

The condition which compells men to overcompensate their lack of manhood by overachieving in other areas, bodybuilding, for example.
That guys soo uptight, and mean to all women...
I bet he suffers from small penis syndrome.
by ebony luvr July 11, 2003
The act of removing a woman's clitoris, or clitoralectomy.
Did you see that Oprah episode about female circumcision??
by ebony luvr July 11, 2003
the picturesque look of the anus ring as it opens like a flower to expel shit/semen/gerbils etc.
you shoudda seen dat swollen sphincter blossom drip after I blew my load in her azz.
by ebony luvr July 11, 2003
also synesthesia and synaesthesia
Synasthaesia is a word used to describe the mingling of two or more senses. Usuall brought on by a hallucinogenic substance.
Duuude, when I took that four-way-windowpane and listened to Jimmy Hendricks, I TASTED the color purple.
by ebony luvr July 11, 2003
person who partakes in the act of gerbling.
see gerbling and gerbil
Richard Gere is rumored to have been a gerbil jammer in the past.
by ebony luvr July 11, 2003
The inhumane practice of removing a woman's clitoris. Was used in USA to combat chronic masterbation in the 1800's- early 1900's. Currently used in African and middle eastern countries as a deterrant to promiscuity. Extreme practices also remove the labia and sew the wound up to only a match sized hole.
After each child, the wound is sewed up again, to give the muslem husband that new pussy feel.
Many forms of genital mutilation occur, but one of the saddest is a clitoralectomy.
by ebony luvr July 11, 2003
Shanaynay's cousin from Africa, who has given up wandering the desert naked for ghetto-fabulous weaves and super long fake nails.
Check out Shanaynay and Shakareeka walkin' up the street. Man, I can't believe you actually fucked that bitch!!
by ebony luvr July 11, 2003