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3 definitions by ebentz

Much like a Habeeb, a haboo is a creature which has no arms, only legs, that will chase after you and eventually murder you with his legs so he can have your liver.
"Holy shit! Is that a haboo!?"
by ebentz September 27, 2010
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The mightiest of warriors, Sangwab lives on the top of Mt. Wab with the rest of his race; the wabs. Sangwab is a legend to the wabs, ending victorious in all of his battles. He protects Mt. Wab from the outside world. He is a fighter, a Legend.
Look! It's Sangwab, king of the wabs!
by Ebentz September 27, 2010
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A being which has no legs, thus has to use his hands to swing himself around, if the habeeb catches you, he slowly eats you.
Yo bra! Watch out for that habeeb!
by EBentz September 27, 2010
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