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A Fart is loud & gregarious. Others are sometimes annoyed by him. He is funny & everyone knows his opinion. A Fart is focused & tenacious. He enjoys his sport but doesn't like interruptions. He is a box checker & doesn't allow things to linger. Watch him if you want to see something get done! 37% males; 4% incorrectly assume they are Farts.

Duffers & Farts are male. Muffers & Cakes are female. Easy to determine regardless of the age but they technically need to be 60 to qualify for title.
That Fart really likes his pancakes a certain way doesn't he? Don't mess with that ole dude!
by eatrawstayhealthy December 07, 2011
A large rear end defined by irregular surface texture as if full of large craters and holes. Also liable to show up on thighs and upper arms for infected overweight females.
That ass is three ax handles wide and she's got a bad case of swiss cheese ass!
by eatrawstayhealthy June 04, 2011
a female; causes unintentional double takes; likely big hair but maybe not; likely blond but not always; not striking without make-up; doesn't wow in sweats and a ball cap; not the one you want to marry for she only fancies up like candy to impress those that don't know her; she enjoys catching herself in the mirror or when a guy curbs his truck while looking at her.

She is actually beautiful through and through but she has spent so many years trying to impress that her and her lookers have lost sight of the truth.
Man, she is Texas Hot, or; My wife totally beats Texas Hot, she knocks me over just in sweats and a ballcap.
by eatrawstayhealthy March 10, 2011

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