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Often a guy that 'hangs around' the beach. Slang originated from Jamaica. Often said while pointing out someone in a crowd (dat-man) The accent made resulted in the sound dimon.
1)Dimon been steeling our women!
2)Dimon is who we looking for.
by eatpumkin090 April 01, 2009
Even though the word is 'fun orb'. The games on the website do not live up to the name. Most games are cheap and 2d with 1 graphic off a copyright infringement.
1)Hey man lets take a step back into 1980's gaming.

Paul: Hey man I got 2 hours to waste what do u suggest.

Fred: Play some fun orb man

Paul: Man I said I got 2 hours to waste. I could kill myself in 5 minutes to save the trouble of 2 hours of torture.
by eatpumkin090 April 02, 2009
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