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1. A person who does not eat meat of any kind, but still eats eggs and animal products.

2. A douchy self-righteous ass who need attention and need to feel special and non-conformist so much that they don't eat animal products and they condemn anyone who eats meat.

Note: All vegetarians are definition 1, but not all are definition 2.
Vegetarian: Don't you love that tortured pesticide-filled yummy cow that was kept in a tiny living space and was killed inhumanely? Doesn't it make you feel great? Aren't I so cool because I'm ruining your meal right now?

Omnivore: Actually this is certified organic grass-fed beef, and even if it weren't, it's my choice of what I eat, so please, fuck off.

Vegetarian: Well you're still wrong!

Omnivore: Wow. I can see how you have all your friends.
by eatmeatlovetheearth June 17, 2010
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