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Noun- Alternate term for Goddess, usually in reference to "she who controls/created the universe"

2- An incredible gorgeous woman who posess supernatural beauty both inside and out.
Wow, my girlfriend is such a Madelene! I am such a lucky mortal.
by eatemup February 10, 2010
Often unneccesary and overdone makeup, hair and jewellry. Refers to an unatural shimmer usually put on by women trying to impress men but failing to do so. Using a southern intonation to imply one must be stupid to take the "bait".
Tom-"Jesus look at Shirley!"

Lance- "That is a lot of jewelry she is wearing."

Kyle-"That is faincybait boys, faincybait."
by eatemup February 10, 2010
Noun- A person who uses artistic expressions of others, be it quotes, poems, songs, or photos, to express how creative and edgy they are on their MySpace page.

Especially or alternatively, people who insist their music selection play when you click on their page, forcing you to hear their terrible selection of music that "expresses who they are"
Jake-"Dude check out Tim's page, he has that big ass picture of T-Pain and his status says 'I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.'"

Steve- "Tim is such a MyDouche"
by eatemup February 10, 2010
Verb- To shake uncontrollably due to lack of oxygen while inhaling nitrous oxide, usually prior to passing out. Refers to a "fish out of water" motion.
Ted-"Dude Look at Jimmy! his lips are all purple HAHAHAHAHA"
Jake"OMG he is fishing, FISH! HAHAHAHA"

Jimmy-*purple lipped and shaking while laughing, passes out.
by eatemup February 10, 2010

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