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the city in germany with the highest proportion gs/population

rappers like:

tim taylor
master al

letz go to kassel over the next weekend, i heard there'll be some hiphop jams at the clubs
by easy-i May 09, 2006
The Tightest High School in Portland and in all of Oregon!

-> the best bball team: the Jefferson Democrats
-> hottest black chicks
-> most black chicks
-> only school in the state of oregon, which is in da hood
-> girl fights
-> worst SAT score in OR
-> tightest teachers
-> police is scared to go there

what else can I say?

A: oi did ya hear what happened last night at jefferson high school?
B: no what happened?
A: the Jefferson Democrats kicked Lincoln High Schools Ass and the police was too scared to stop some hot girls fightin
by easy-i May 09, 2006
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