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An acute, incurable medical condition with an incredibly high fatality rate that affects millions of people every day. Symptoms include full body paralysis, no pulse (and therefore fairly low blood pressure) and in some cases an unfortunate tendency for a victim's family to put them on ice in the living room and invite everyone in the neighborhood to come "pay their respects" (this is known as a wake).
Reporter: A massive outbreak of The Deads was reported today near the site of a plane crash in South Africa. The authorities say that at least fifteen people have been infected, with none expected to survive the course of the disease.
by eastofwest January 21, 2012
When another person does something so mind-numbingly stupid that whipping out a glock and busting some caps is simply the only way to handle it
This morning my neighbor asked me if I had a case of the mondays...now that's a glock moment if I ever saw one.
by eastofwest January 21, 2012

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