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1. The primary reason why low-cost housing shouldn't exist, let alone be in the suburbs. (noun)

2. A general term used to describe any run-down suburb or one that is headed in that direction. (adjective)
1. Local news: A shooting occurred today in Brooklyn Center...

2a. Richfield is getting really Brooklyn Center

2b. Columbia Heights is already very Brooklyn Center
by eastmetroballa May 30, 2009
A. The most average suburb in the nation. Full of split-level homes and outdated strip-malls, Oakdale, Minnesota is the perfect place to live a bland and nondescript lifestyle. The only good part of Oakdale is its southern border which contains motorcycle dealerships, a Best Buy, and a BW3.

B. Oakdale also has a high school (Tartan High School -- Home of the Titans) that is loaded with cocky douchebags from the Oakdale/southern Maplewood area that love to talk about how great their sports teams are, even though they have a massive chokefest each time the playoffs roll around.
A. Even "Oakdale" sounds boring.

B. Tartan kid: Yeah, we rule.
by eastmetroballa August 03, 2009

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