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short for "born raised and transferred" applies to kids whose parent(s) are / were in one of the armed services (army, navy, air force). Due to the fact that servicemen/servicewomen rarely stayed at one base for more than two or three years at a time before being re-assigned to another... sort of like a peace time "tour of duty" kids referred to themsleves as brats. also known as a service brat
first guy: hey what do you do?

brat: oh i'm a service brat
#brat #service brat #airforce brat #army brat #navy brat
by eastleaf July 05, 2006
service brat refers to children whose parent(s) were / are in one of the armed services or the miltary - army, navy, air force etc. Service families were shuffled about every couple of years from one base to another and it was not uncommon to have been in many different countries, states or provinces while growing u. the "brat" in service brat stands for "Born Raised and Transferred" see also brat
J: So what did you do while you were growing up?

R: I was a service brat
#brat #military brat #airforce brat #army brat #navy brat
by eastleaf July 11, 2006
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