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Keep Up With The Acronyms.
Some you say to people who don't know any acronyms.
Guy 1: LOL
Guy 2: lol?
Guy 1: DW
Guy 2:dw?
Guy 1: KUWTA
by earwig July 25, 2008
The scariest ninja-est clan ever!
Red X: It doesn't just mark the spot...
by earwig July 25, 2008
a word you can use for anything
jaz = italian toaster
jaz = lamp post
jaz = rage
jaz = broken ipod
by earwig July 25, 2008
A Job that requires unhealthy amounts of coffee to complete.
Guy: Did you finish the entire book in one night!?

Guy2: Yea it was a real coffee project...
by Earwig July 24, 2008
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