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4 definitions by earthcrunch

a foul city odor that becomes more pungent and intense during the summertime, when the heat index is high.

most often occurs in east-coast cities, such as philadelphia, when the combination of exhaust, fumes, sewage, trash, are all wafting up your nasal passages, already moistened with the wet lube of humidity.
man, i was hoping that thunderstorm we just had would bring the humidity down, but now it just smells like street diaper!!!
by earthcrunch July 10, 2011
15 2
genitalia that is sizeably much larger than an "average-sized clitoris", and yet still smaller than an "average-sized" penis. it's somewhere in-between.

individuals labeled female at birth, and who have been on or are currently taking testosterone, often-times have such genitalia.

the longer word for such genitalia could be "clitweenis", but we'll just call it 'tweenis for short.
once i started taking testosterone, my clit definitely increased quite noticeably in size. now it's a 'tweenis!!!
by earthcrunch July 10, 2011
16 4
when someone who is very passionate about creating a more sustainable future for our planet gets really, really, REALLY excited about composting, and it makes them feel good all over.
oh my goodness!! putting all of these potato skins, orange peels, and broccoli stems into this compost bag is making me soooo happy!! in fact, i think i'm about to have a compostgasm!!!
by earthcrunch December 29, 2010
20 10
someone who identifies as queer, who also happens to be a spiritual person.
"yeah, we meditate together on wednesday evenings....you know--to get down with our queeritual side."
by earthcrunch December 06, 2011
9 0