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another social label designed to categorise anyone vaguely alternative-looking, i.e, not townie or chav. often confused with goths, skaters, punks, emokids, etc...

fake ones = badly printed nirvana hoodies, too many coloured rubber bangle bracelet things, oversize corduroy baggies in hideous colours, tiny crying-out-for-help-my-life-is-so-crap scratches on wrist made with a compass and pathetic squeak in retaliation to chavs. secretly likes Busted. or, god forbid, McFly.

real ones = you know who you are. yay you. ^.^
fake = -squeaks- mommy stopped my pocket money, now I can't buy that new fake Rasmus hoodie! I'm going to go and scratch myself and write poems about how depressed I am

real = life's good, dude. chill out.
by eagle March 23, 2005
Someone with a dick so small that he needs tweesers and in intense messures a microscope. Good for disses = P
John's dick is really small, do u think he's a tweeser bitch?
by Eagle February 23, 2005
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