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1 definition by eNViViaycH

Adam Young, who is ONE person, and decides to name himself Owl City to get attention. He lives in his mom's basement and pounds away at his Casio keyboard and calls it a song. The lyrics of his songs consist of the rantings and writings of an autistic four year old who is too detached from reality to see any problems.

Every last one of his songs are drowned in AutoTune, so you can't hear his faggy real voice.

Other songs include "Umbrella Beach" and "Vanilla Twilight". These are also very autistical in nature and should not be listened to by a sane person.

His hit song "Fireflies" is just.. GAY.. If you still admire this song for being so-called musical work of art, you have gone INSANE.
Bob: Hey, did you listen to that song fireflies by Owl City? Its so good.

5 minutes later

Nate: ..I think I'm going to kill myself.
by eNViViaycH October 01, 2010