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1. America On-Line, one of the first ISP's available for mainstream US. It is not very well liked, and is usually very slow. Put out "free" software through the mail almost monthly for a time, leaving many with useless extra discs. Still around today, AOL is now riddled with problems such as its lack of speed, annoyance of use, and its bad reputation.

*NOTE: Not to be confused with AoL, which is short for the second game in the Legend of Zelda series, "Adventure of Link" for the NES, which introduced RPG elements (i.e, leveling up) into the series.*
*annoying dial-up noise*

You've got mail.

*computer crashes*
by eMPTy³ February 16, 2004
An improvised move of Black Mage's, in which he launches Fighter onto oncoming enemies. This attack is a good backup plan for when Black Mage runs out of MP (Magic Power).
Fighter: OK, what's your plan?
Black M: It's a little something I like to call FIGHTERDOKEN!
by eMPTy³ December 23, 2003
v : find repugnant in all possible ways, conditions, and variances.

(From 8-Bit Theater.)
"All Communists omniloathe joy."
by eMPTy³ June 26, 2005

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