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A word derived accidentally from a typo of the spelling of spotted. Often used to describe someone wealthy who misplaced their money or is having trouble relocating it.
"Greg spooted his money."
"He is SO spooted."
"He's my little spooted." =)
by eM* April 12, 2005
A highly contagious disease, That cause the brain to think of The Whitlams and Whitlams related things 24/7.
I have Whitlamitus. ***WARNING: If you are infected by this disease please refrain from isolation and spread it as music as you can...
by Em* June 10, 2003
a rabbi, a dabbi, and a doo!
to exclaim excitement or anxiety, anticipation, or extreme happiness
actually the cross between a complete idiot and his counterpart.. well what the heck! just use it for fun dummy!
You're crazy, im crazy, Rabbadabbadoo!
by Em* February 16, 2005
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