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Someone who has no concept of what is of acceptable standard is relation to photographic, print or web based imagery.
Person 1 : Here are a few photos of the new baby
Person 2 : Oh, aren't they lovely, they're really well taken.
Person 3 : What? There's the worst set of prints i've ever clapped my eyes upon. Are you insane? Look the angles of all off, the lighting is terrible. Clearly your animaphotobiographicalgistic awareness leaves a lot to be desired.
by eCJM May 16, 2007
The state in which a piece of electronic communication becomes, when it is apparent that it has been lost somewhere between the source and the destination address.
For internal systems replace ether with intra
Person #1 : Did you get that email?
Person #2 : What email?
Person #1 : The one I sent
Person #2 : No? I'm sure...no way..didn't arrive in my mailbox!
Short Pause
Person #1 and #2 say together: Oh no!!! It's been ethernicked
by eCJM August 06, 2007

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