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2 definitions by e343balla is a name stealer

a general call sign to tell the pimp's hoe's to "pack up shop"and move on down the block/street.
*clap*clap* alright hoe's.les bounce!
"when the pimp claps,gtfu and gtfo"
pimp clap
by e343balla is a name stealer February 05, 2011
1 2
The opposite of bitch dependency.Bitch deficiency is the therefore lack of bitches,some cases so much as to have extreme depression and pity masterbation sessions.
chris:hey guys

tyree:damn white was wrong wit you.

chris:girl broke up with me

tyree:my dogg seems to be havins some bitch deficiency problems,im overflowing wit bitches if'ya wants one of mine

chris:naw man im not a beggar
by e343balla is a name stealer September 14, 2011
3 16