1 definition by e.r. smith + bros

In order to be a brojob, one bro must be drinking a natty while watching some slampieces on the webernet.All the while, never making eye contact with his bro.

They must switch after the bro is done giving the brojob, to make it fair to the other bro. The second bro must do the same thing the first bro did (natty + slampieces)


~courtesy of e.r. smith~
*After a night of not getting lucky at all the bros go back to their dorm*
First bro: "Hey, so I heard about this thing called a brojob"
Second bro; "What?"
First bro: "Yeah, it's when one bro gives another bro a blowjob without it being gay"
Second bro: "Well, alright...you're going first though"
by e.r. smith + bros October 28, 2010

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