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(n.) an excruciatingly effeminate male with homoerotic tendencies.
see also metrosexual, brokeback, homosexual.

mankissers are generally well-groomed and have strong social skills. they are exceptionally fashion-conscious, and are known to wear bold color combinations and spend ridiculous amounts of money on fancy shoes. in public, a mankisser's appearance is carefully calculated in order to secretly appeal to both genders - without seeming overtly homosexual to other men or their unsuspecting friends.

it is difficult to distinguish a mankisser from the ubiquitous hipster and equally offensive metrosexual; their homosexual tendencies are subtle at all times. key identifiers include one-night stands, reckless driving, kissing men, and moving to San Francisco.
Why does she even bother going out with him? Everyone knows he's a total mankisser.

Shut up, you fucking mankisser.
by e.howes June 28, 2006

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