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A drinking game in which the participant chugs a full beer out of the cut off handle end of a wiffle ball bat, while their friends count as 'one-one thousand', etc. Next, the hitter must crouch down and spin one time around for each count of their drinking time, with their forehead placed on the mouthpiece end of the bat, the other end resting on the top of one foot. Upon completion of the determined number of rotations, the pitcher crushes the empty beer can and then pitches it to them. If the participant misses the can, they must then spin around 3 more times and attempt to hit the can again. A normal dizzy bat experience includes face planting, falling in mulch, taking out lawn furniture and/or tiki torches and endangering surrounding spectators. Once more experienced, the participant may engage in dizzy bat 5 or more times in one evening without face planting at all, although this is likely an indication that they are not really giving it their all. In order to craft the perfect dizzy bat, one must carefully cut the end of the bat and shave it smoothly as not to cut the mouth while chugging intensely.
If we're going to play dizzy bat right here, we are definitely going to need some spotters.
by e-bon September 08, 2010

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