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the act of twisting someone's nipple severly enough to sometimes leave bruises or marks around the nipple. often followed by screams of pain from the victim.
kid:you bitch!
*gives tittytwister*

bitch: fuck man that hurt like a mother fucking flibbler!!
by e to the izzo November 17, 2007
Famous quote used by Papa Burgundy in the legendary film Anchorman
probably one of the best insults of all time, next to "You have bad hair".
you dirty smell pirate hooker, why dont you go back to your home on whore island????
by e to the izzo November 15, 2007
a loud cry that originated from a retarded kid roaming the halls of Roberson High School. Usually the person who imitates, annunciates each nay and prolongs the sha for a desired affect. Sure to bring a smile to anyone's day. Perfected by the famous Don Vito.
*walks down hall* naynaynaysha

kid: hahahahah what a roflcopter!!!
by e to the izzo November 15, 2007
originated from a mentally challenged kid at tc roberson high school. its a common phrase that when annunciated on the nay's and prolonging the sha, you will make many people laugh. especially if its done in a high pitched voice. This imitation has been perfected from the great Don Vito.
*skips down the hall*

kid:*hahahahahaha what a rolfcopter*
by e to the izzo November 17, 2007
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