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The neuner trap is a maneuver pulled by either - inviting a girl over, and getting her too drunk to drive home, while you yourself get above the legal intoxication level to drive as well, or pulling the reverse at their place of residence. Upon her wishing to go home, you simply reply "I/ you are too drunk to drive. You should just crash here. You can sleep in my bed..." At this point, you take advantage of the successful maneuver, and have officially ended your night with a score.
Tessa- "I'm getting tired. I think I should probably head home"

Derrick-" I think you're too drunk to drive. I'm not even seeing straight. You should probably just stay over here. You can crash in my bed"

Tessa- "I guess so..."

Derrick to himself- "Neuner Trap accomplished...."
by e=McHammerd December 28, 2010

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