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When you plan on being out sick and you have one of those bosses that always wants to know what's wrong. Guaranteed that they will never ask again. Not sure what it is, but it sounds painful.

I'm not gonna make it to work today, I'm sick.
What's wrong?

I have an Impacted Penis.
by dysangel March 08, 2009
You're in a crowd or at work and waited too long to take a shit. Now you have to walk past everyone all stiff legged to keep from farting or shitting yourself.
We were in the center row at the movies and I had to do the frankenstein walk so I didn't blow someones head off.
by dysangel November 28, 2008
What Tiger Woods fans get every time they talk about him or see him on television.
You watching TW's press conference?

Yeah, I'm sporting some Tiger wood right now.
by dysangel February 23, 2010
Gross Fucking Weight:

The fattest person you'd do.

I'd love to lay bone on her.
No way man! She's way over my GFW.
by dysangel February 03, 2009
Often confused with petaflop.
A pediflop is when a pedophile gets busted in one of those tevevised stings.

"What's he in for?"
"It was a pedaflop. We're gonna watch it on Dateline in a few weeks."
by dysangel March 28, 2009
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