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The gap-toothed version of the smiley :D
bob: Ding lvl 12!
jane: gratz lol!
bob: :Đ
james: omg haxors!1!!
by dyldo baggins November 22, 2009
1. The end of a male's/transexual's penis.
2. Also uesd as an insult like "Dick head"

Commonly used by Ali-G in his movie and tv shows
1. "dude, check out my bell end its swollen from being kicked by my ex the other day"

2. "shut up you fucking bell end thats a stupid idea"
by Dyldo Baggins May 18, 2009
The sexual act of sitting on your partners head whilst dangling your scrotum over the eyes (one testicle in each eye socket) and putting your dick in their mouth giving the appearance of your partner wearing a snorkel and mask. The one performing the snorkel must obviously be a male (or hermaphrodite) whilst the partner receiving can be any sex, race, or species depending on your preferences.

Very similar to the Arabian Goggles
"I gave my girlfriend a snorkel the other day and it was really hot until she started choking"

"I snorkelled my dog two days ago. I think I'm starting to like this bestiality shit"

"When I was young my dad gave me the snorkel while I was naked and posted it on the internet. Now I'm scared for life"
by Dyldo Baggins August 10, 2009
bum rape, the act of raping sumone by sexual penertration of the ass hole. Commonly preformed by gay rapists.
Bob (playing a game): "Dude I just braped you!"
Tom: "Thats not funny man my uncle got braped when he was 17"
Bob: .....oh......sorry
by Dyldo Baggins June 09, 2009
Laugh Out Fucking Loud
"When Jim fell on the miget I LOFL'd so hard!
by Dyldo Baggins May 27, 2009

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