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3 definitions by dyehigh13

A phrase used, frequently after an argument between two other parties in the conversation or after something awkward has been said, to signal that the speaker is unsatisfied or uncomfortable with the subject matter of the conversation and wishes to change the subject.

Parody of how bout them cowboys?!.
A: So I hear you're a Neo-Nazi and support the holocaust.
B: So...how 'bout them Cowboys?

A: You're a platypus-lover!
B: Well, you're a bitch!
C: So...how 'bout them Cowboys?
by dyehigh13 August 02, 2007
The infamous moment in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in which Remus Lupin and Sirius Black hold each other's gazes for a length of approximately forty lines. Used frequently as evidence by Remus/Sirus shippers.
A: Remus/Sirus is so canon!
B: No it's not!
A: Yeah, it is! Check out the Forty-Line Stare in OotP!
by dyehigh13 October 28, 2007
The rule which says you must add 'That's what she said!' to any mildly suggestive statement or anything said while drunk.

See fortune cookie rule.
A: That really wore me out.
B: That's what she said!

The beauty of the frat boy rule.
by dyehigh13 November 04, 2007