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intense joy, coupled with extreme emotional shifts; an experience equal to an orgasm
OMG, it's a full on complete double rainbow all the way across the sky!
by dxo July 06, 2010
not playing with a full deck, one fry short of a happy meal

crazy, out to lunch, insane, not completely possessing normal or typical activity in the mental state
That emo kid was one glowstick short of a rave.
by dxo January 08, 2011
A person who uses a social networking website's liking system to tell another person they want to have sex with them. They like all their posts, no matter what they are.

An analogy would be a person in a bar who agrees with everything you say in the hope that they can hook up.

straight like , liking spree , liking to be liked , obsessive liking disorder , drive by liking , social networking
I've got a like-stalker on Tumblr. They also keep asking for my Facebook URL.
by dxo January 12, 2011

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