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2 definitions by dxd

The Elite Forum Whores is a group of deviantART's finest forum whores, started by primus and dxd during one of many n00b bashing sessions. They exist to prove to the rest of the community that the EFW are better than them. N00b bashing is a welcome bi-product.
noob: OMFG i <3 linKin pArk!!!11

-emp-: OMGWTF you suck :|

ilblissli: :|

dxd: Get off my fucking planet :|

Nice forum regular: Music Forum please :)

primus: Your abuse of the English language offends me. Please smear yourself in jam and hit that hornets nest you saw.
by dxd August 09, 2004
Extremely camp president of ipwned.com.

Imagine the bastard love child of Big Gay Al and Boy George.

Spends his time being harrassed on IRC and MSN by the CEO of ipwned.
Toffee - I'm not gay mother fucker, I fancy (insert female).
dxd - You're as gay as the fucking village people, now shut up and iron my trousers.
Toffee - OMG k. >:(
by dxd June 25, 2004