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Variant of human. Used almost exclusively by pompous feminists.
"...what other parts of Nature have dialectical materialism? It seems only the humyn species does."
--from the "Maoist International Movement"
by dx June 09, 2004
Tagalog slang for 'crazy'
Boy1: Pucha! si Leo nakainom ng Sheltox!
Boy2: Ay! NaPRANING!
by dx January 12, 2004
a mood disorder that causes emotional changes and mood swings, from rude as f*^k, to kind-attitude. Most individuals that suffer from this is mainly women. It is described when women are rude to you one minute, then friendly the next and ask you for a favor.
Girl: "Stfu waste yute gtfo!!"
A minute later...

Girl: "Buy me roses for valentines day please I'd love you forever and ever <3"

Boy: "Wtf girl you trippin', that's some next level biwomanism right there!"
by Dx February 07, 2013
Someone doing something as if they were a "fuck nut", or the actions of one.
I leave for a few minutes, and when I return all I see is a bunch of fucknuttery!
by DX November 29, 2004
a vietnamese person who thinks about sex 24 -7 and likes to masterbate
i'm a type of person who likes to hoat all night long
by DX March 31, 2005
Lingerie or panties that show your ass cheeks,usualy girls wear them.
damn her ass is hanging out of the panties love those boy cut briefs
by DX March 08, 2005
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