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the term F.U.T comes from the german/american language in 1886. Great highlanders described this when they were climbing mountains and their lips were chattering so much that you could only hear F.U.T
F.U.T is computerslang Like when you text someone instead of writing fuchk you too you write FUT
by Dwrek June 14, 2008
When you go to chickfilla and when you order a chicken sandwich and find a slimy chode in it when you take the first bite
Mommy i found a chicken chode in my sandwich.
by Dwrek June 14, 2008
When your sleeping and your mom pulls down your pants and takes a picture of your cock and then says jeeze my chode is bigger than his
Dude my mom just pulled a mama cock on me last night a posted it on the internet
by Dwrek June 14, 2008
when ur having sex and a girls tryes to jack off for you except she grabs ur balls instead
dude my mom just balljack me last night!
by dwrek June 13, 2008

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