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Term of abuse equivalent to "asshole." May have originated as non-English speaker's attempt to translate that term, appearing in a letter from Torrent site MegaNova to MediaDefender's lawyers, in response to attempts to shut them down.
"Dearest little asstunnels, Let me start off by thanking you for your pitiful attempt to have your e-mails removed from the entire internet..."
by Dwortfarquhar September 19, 2007
A new tool being used against blackhat SEO companies, wherein users who are annoyed by spammers taking over their favourite blogging sites, such as Opendiary or LiveJournal, either:

a) create new blogs where spamdexed URL's are associated with negative terms like 'spamdexing' 'googleblasting' and so forth, or;
b) notebomb the spamdexing pages with pejorative terms, like those noted in a) above, or 'copyright violation' 'fake goods,' 'counterfeiting', 'fraud' and so forth.

The goal is to cause the spammers' pages to drop when search engines apply rules about spamdexing to downgrade rankings, and ultimately drive the spammers off of sites that prohibit spamdexing in the first place. It may also have the side effect of pissing off the SEO company's customers who find that they have suddenly been labelled 'spammers' by someone who sold them a bill of goods that didn't warn of the side effect.
Opendiary was being taken over by spammers until users started using antispamdexing methods.
by dwortfarquhar May 07, 2012

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