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Adults who wear matchy matchy clothes as if they were small children. Everything looks like it came from a match set box.

It tends to lack any imagination and often has too many patterns like flowers, shapes etc.
Did you see that guy over there? Looks like he took the easy way out when getting dressed this morning and grabbed his adult garanimals. Yikes!
#matching clothes #too many similar patterns #geranimals #outfits #clothing symmetry #twins
by dwied August 11, 2009
The modern day version of a drive-in movie. It is growing in popularity with the current economic climate.

Neighbors gather outside someone's home at sundown and project a movie on the exterior of the house. Everyone brings their own lawn chair, snacks and refreshments.
It creates a sense of community and saves big money.
Hey let's go to Donna's tonight, she's doing a house flick.


Let's invite everyone over for a house flick tonight.


Let's do a double House Flick this weekend. First showing for kids and then let's show something for the adults.
#movie #drive-in movie #house flic #neighborhood movie #community flick #lawn flick
by dwied August 17, 2009
When a hot air balloon loses all its air and streamers to the ground. It's a horrific sight.
At the Balloon Fiesta there was a horrible accident with one balloon doing a roman candle.
#streaming #out of air #full #death spiral #flat line
by dwied July 20, 2009
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