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The process by which a man sticks his erect penis into that of the asshole of the same sex, or different.
I heard that Sam got ass rammed by Tj
by DW June 15, 2003
don't listen to guys like "sven" and "larstait" who are gay buttfuckers with their stupid fucking opinions about
how bad cannibal corpse are.fuck those guys cannibal corpse and there lyrics fucking rule!!!!

despite people like "sven" and "larstait"'s dumb opinions cannibal corpse remains one of the greatest and most influential deathmetal bands around

by dw August 11, 2004
1. singing in a weird way

2. a chocolate twinkie
1. If you yodel, it will cause an avalanche.

2. Yodels are scrumptuous in lunches.
by DW May 30, 2004
1. A plant with stalks that can only be eaten after being sweetened and cooked and often eaten with other things anyway. Many people have heard of it but never seen it before.
A rhubarb pie actually has more strawberries than rhubarbs.
by DW May 28, 2004
bumsmoke is now at large in Australia avoiding work, the Old Bill and the IRA.

Although originally english and proud it's now thought his jingoism has followed him down under and is now heard to be shouting "FCUK ST GEORGE!" and "FCUK YOU POMS!"
bumsmoke: fcuk the OB and the IRA! YBS forever
by dw September 30, 2004
Stone Cold Steve Austin

He is the bionic Red Neck.
Usually will be driving a pick-up and have a shirt that is refered to as a "Wife Beater"
by dw March 25, 2003
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